CVWarehouse NV (hereafter "CVWarehouse"), operator of the CVWarehouse candidate portal and the company portal on the CVWarehouse website, is registered with the Commission for the protection of privacy.

Contrary to other recruitment sites, CVWarehouse never gives any third party access to the personal data of candidates, without the explicit consent of these candidates. This way we assure more privacy and safety of use of such personal information than commonly available in this market space.

All information provided remains private and is solely used for the purposes described on our site. Every company that uses the company portal on our websites enters into a non-disclosure agreement with us and can only view the details of candidates who have consented to the disclosure of their data to these specific companies. You may view the provisions of this non-disclosure agreement between CVWarehouse and these companies by sending a motivated request to our Support Department.

For any question, complaint or further information regarding this subject, please contact our Support Department. We will address your inquiry as soon as possible. Should you feel that your inquiry has not been addressed in a satisfactory manner, you have the right to contact the Privacy Commission ("Commission de la Protection de la Vie Privée/Commissie voor de Bescherming van de Persoonlijke Levenssfeer") at 1000 Brussels (Belgium), Drukpersstraat 35, Tel. +32 2 274 48 00.

1. Which is the information collected?

We may collect information from visitors of our website in various ways, in particular:

Anonymous Aggregated Information

This is information about all our visitors combined, such as the sections of our website visitors most frequently go to, and the services that they prefer to use. To protect our visitors' rights to privacy, this information is anonymous and aggregated. Therefore no individual CVWarehouse visitor can be individually identified on the basis of this information.

Personal data of candidates

Filling out your candidate profile and uploading your CV in a free text document offers the opportunity to the company/companies you apply to, to process your personal information and match it with their vacancies.

  1. In case of a "free application", whereby you provide your personal information but do not apply for a specific vacancy on our site, your data are submitted only to CVWarehouse or its customer you are applying with. They will never be visible to other companies logging onto the company portal.
  2. When you apply for an online vacancy on the CVWarehouse website, your profile will be proposed only to the customer that posted such vacancy with us. If you flag the option "Yes, I want CVWarehouse NV to keep me informed confidentially of future opportunities, a broader network of jobs and candidates", you allow us to contact you in relation to other job opportunities of our customers for which we consider you a suitable candidate. Again, your data will only be passed on to such other party after you explicitly agreed thereto by applying for the vacancy that is proposed to you.

Your profile and CV will be visible to the authorized parties with all details you have filled in in the application form. Most are mandatory details, marked with an Asterisk (*). You cannot leave these blank. As privacy laws may vary depending on the place of residence of our visitors, we have provided for alternative entries for some fields. If you hold your cursor over these fields, additional information or tips will appear.

2. Links to other websites

CVWarehouse websites may contain links to other websites which are outside the control, influence or responsibility of CVWarehouse. CVWarehouse is not responsible for the protection of personal data or data security practices of other websites or companies operating them. We therefore strongly recommend you to read the privacy policies of such other websites in order to enable you to find out how they may process your personal data. CVWarehouse NV is not responsible for the use they may make of your personal data. Although we screen the companies and the opportunities, CVWarehouse has no control over, and is hence not responsible for the legality, reliability, quality, truth or accuracy of the job offers posted on its website. We encourage you to promptly inform us if you would obtain knowledge of improper or fraudulent practices through websites linked to the sites of CVWarehouse and/or by companies or persons responsible for or contributing to such practices. The same holds for websites of third-parties that link into our websites.

3. Cookies

Cookies are tiny files that your Web browser places on your hard disk to facilitate surfing the Web. Cookies are typically used to recognize visitors; the Web server can then, for example, check when the visitor last visited the website and which pages were accessed. One of the benefits of cookies is that a registered user does not need to legitimize himself twice within one and the same session. CVWarehouse uses only session Cookies, to provide for more comfort while accessing our web site. Accordingly, those Cookies are deleted automatically by your browser as soon as you log out. However, CVWarehouse may decide in the future to also use permanent cookies which are not deleted when logging out. If you oppose the use of permanent cookies you can configure your browser to refuse them in the privacy settings of your browser, which may result in some inconveniences while surfing on our site.

On custom/branded implementations of the CVWarehouse platform, CVWarehouse customers (the companies you apply for) may use and/or install their own tracking tools and other third-party tools that are not related with/to or managed by CVWarehouse. CVWarehouse is not responsible or liable for the collecting, storing and managing of the information that's collected by these tools. The user should refer to the customers' own Privacy, Terms and conditions and/or Disclaimer statements for more information.

4. Log Files

In our Log files (which are files that contain data about events for future reference), we may collect and store Internet Protocol addresses for data safety reasons. We may also use Internet Protocol addresses to draw up anonymous statistics, in order to measure the number of people on our website (traffic) and load balance our systems accordingly to provide optimal response times. We may use these anonymous statistics for accounting purposes to calculate the number of clicks received via our own or websites of our business partners, but we will not draw up user profiles or link these to personally identifiable information.

5. With whom is the collected information shared?

The bulk of collected information is only available to employees of CVWarehouse, who have signed a specific non-disclosure agreement concerning the disclosure of these data. We do not forward personal information to third parties, with the exception of data for which you have given explicit permission for its disclosure. We may use anonymous traffic numbers which we may disclose to our clients and the public.

Our Website is hosted on a server that is being maintained by CEGEKA NV, Universiteitslaan 9, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium, which has access to our databases to ensure the contractual maintenance, but cannot access login and password protected areas. Nevertheless, Cegeka has entered into a non-disclosure agreement with us. If and insofar as this is necessary for technical administration and maintenance, CVWarehouse may thus technically forward your data to ensure optimal use of our systems.

6. With whom is the Personal Profile information shared?

The information contained in your contact details is only made available to potential employers with your active consent. We will not release personal information under any other circumstances. Today, your profile is only accessible on the CVWarehouse site in the company login section, by employers who have entered into a contractual relationship with CVWarehouse.

Your CV may, however, be made accessible in the future via other websites of CVWarehouse subsidiaries or branches in other EU countries and possibly the US and Asia Pacific countries. In such case, you will be notified in a timely fashion and you will be able to opt in or out through your profile login or by e-mail.

7. Direct Marketing and Direct Mailing actions

Your details will not be used by CVWarehouse for Direct Marketing purposes. In the future we may involve you in direct mailing actions that will be directly related to career opportunities. Although our customers contractually agree to use your data for their own company recruitment needs only, non-compliance by such companies with this contractual obligation can be notified to our Support Department.

8. Data Safety

To access private data, companies as well as candidates need to login explicitly and submit a password or other kinds of exclusive authentication. The authentication security is enabled through various security methods like intrusion detection, firewalls, encryption, manual procedures and other. Additionally, passwords or any other authentication information will never be communicated by email, as we cannot ensure conclusive safety measures on all browser and email platforms where such information would pass through. Please refer to the FAQ section for further details on loss of authentication details and unlocking blocked accounts.

9. Privacy commitment changes

To make sure that any changes to our privacy commitment are known to you, please visit these privacy statement pages regularly, as we will amend them when required. We commit ourselves to proactively inform you of prominent changes, which will be the only exception to our direct mailing commitment above. Should you have any questions or concerns about our privacy commitment, please send an e-mail to our Support Department or a letter to our offices at Damplein 16, B-2060 Antwerp to the attention of Inge Geerdens, CVWarehouse NV, referencing our privacy statement.

CVWarehouse is registered with the Belgian Commission for the protection of privacy under ID VT005012144.


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