Keep track

In CVWarehouse candidates can track their applications online at all times, offering simple, direct and real-time feedback. To do so, candidates simply log in and check their Application Summary or overview. As companies treat applications, candidates can follow up on their progress real-time.

Progress is expressed as follows:

  • Received: your CV has been received
  • In Process: your application is being treated
  • CV requested: the company would like to receive your CV in order to further process your application
  • Waiting for information: the company has tried to contact you and is waiting for you to get in touch
  • Finalist: you are in the final selection of candidates for this position
  • Withdrawn: you have decided not to continue
  • Not withheld: unfortunately your profile did not suit the position
  • Future: you were not selected for this position now, but will be contacted for future positions to which your profile applies
  • Presented to end-client: your CV has been forwarded to the person responsible for following up on your application. As this person is not able to further change your status, you will not see any further status changes here.


The company you're looking for no longer works with CVWarehouse.
But we have lots of other exciting companies available for you!


The job you're looking for is no longer online.
But we have lots of other exciting vacancies available for you!