Contec is an engineering consultancy company of Belgian origin, specialised in the automation of industrial production processes. Our activities include programming work (PLC, SCADA, MES/IT), Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I) Engineering, electrical power studies and process safety.

Contec operates within a wide variety of sectors, including the (petro) chemicals, pharmaceuticals and the food sector. In addition, Contec’s activities are not limited to Belgium. With a large number of successful international projects under our belt we are at home working in different countries across the world.

ICT Engineer Antwerp

You are part of our MES/ICT team, which mainly concentrates on the integration of peripheral apparatus, interfacing between different systems, reporting, label printing, historians and links to databases and ERP systems. MES stands for Manufacturing Execution Systems.


Job Description

You are responsible for providing support for all of the ICT aspects of all projects to be delivered.

  • You check orders for project-related systems:
    • Is the required software compatible with O/S versions?
    • Is the hardware compatible with the definition of the standard installations (RAID, minimum memory, min disk space, etc.)?
  • You are responsible for setting up the required ICT maintenance plans and installation guides.
  • You ensure the proper transfer of the systems to the project manager.
  • You are responsible for the standardisation and documentation of all ICT related matters relating to a specific project:
    • Choice of hardware
    • Configuration of software
    • Configuration of network
    • External login configuration
    • Network security
  • You are part of the project teams involved in the setting-up, development and support of production reports & software platforms installed by you.


Our offer

  • An open and transparent organisational culture
  • A horizontal organisational structure, with very short communication lines towards managers
  • A high degree of flexibility, including flexible working hours and many possibilities with regard to holiday planning
  • A high degree of employee involvement (for instance, the opportunity exists to participate financially in the company)
  • A dynamic and continuously innovative working environment
  • The possibility to continuously develop the depth and scope of your technical knowledge.
  • Ample variety due to the project-based nature of the work
  • The possibility to work in an international context


Your application will be evaluated by the HR department of Contec itself. For any additional feedback regarding your application, we kindly refer you to the Contec HR department.


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