Since 2004, I-care is the international leader in Predictive Maintenance and Reliability Engineering. With headquarters in Belgium and over 15 subsidiaries in Europe, the US and Asia, our team of 350+ engineers can service customers anywhere in the world. We offer a wide range of high added value products, training and services to predict, advice and accompany its industrial customers in optimizing maintenance plans, asset reliability and production availability at controlled costs by reducing the risk of unplanned shutdowns. Therefore we use our Predictive Maintenance expertise (Vibration, Oil, Infrared, Ultrasound analysis, etc) as well as Reliability Engineering techniques, from criticality and failure mode analysis to spare parts optimization through planning and scheduling and a lot more. Our R&D department developed the wireless sensors Wi-Care and the data portal I-See, cutting edge technology for Maintenance 4.0.

PdM Analyst

I-care Reliability, a Global Asset Management company is hiring for Pdm Analyst in Memphis, TN to support on-site data collection and analysis, as well as assist with remote analysis.

The analyst will be responsible for providing condition monitoring services as directed by management. The Analyst coordinates and assists scheduling work as necessary as well as assembles and maintains technical data and reports as required by the client and I-care. The Analyst will be accountable for overall safety, including ensuring compliance with all I-care, client, OSHA, and all other applicable standards to the facility that they are servicing. The Analyst is also expected to be a technical resource to the client and I-care employees in the troubleshooting lubrication related issues and performs and oversees specific projects as assigned.


1. Leads condition monitoring program setup or for clients as required, including but not limited to:
a. Building and maintaining CM technology databases to applicable I-care and client required standards.
b. Assist in advanced setup work such as Technology Mapping, Criticality Analysis, etc.
c. Equipment walk down and information gathering.

2. Responsible for communication and education between the company and clients, including but not limited to:
a. Communicating the I-care deliverables to the client.
b. Conduct technology awareness sessions for clients as requested.
c. Submit documented case studies for customer to support machine life cycle improvement.
d. Must be able to interact comfortably, gain trust and communicate effectively.

3. Responsible for necessary auditing, metrics and reporting, including but not limited to:
a. Ensuring all databases in compliance with current applicable standards.
b. Managing all database changes.
c. Lead Management of Change (MOC) process adherence.
e. The accuracy and the timeliness of all internal and external communications and reporting.
f. Nuisance alarm management.

4. Responsible for the overall safety awareness of the work environment.
a. Ensuring compliance with I-care, client, OSHA, and other applicable standards.
b. Actively participates in I-Care and client safety programs to foster continuous improvement.
c. Issue’s a “Stop Work” action if any situation, environment, or condition is an immediate concern of injury
to himself or others. If it is not safe than do not perform the work until a safe method or condition exists,

5. Mentoring – A few of the activities in the area of Mentoring will include, but are not limited to:
a. Assist in training/mentoring of I-Care employees.
b. Able to convey obtained knowledge from seminar/training sessions.

6. Performs Condition Monitoring and Reporting of equipment. Condition Monitoring responsibilities include but
are not limited to:
a. Collect technology data in accordance with I-Care and best practice industry standards.
b. Maintains technology databases with current information.
c. Performs Visual Inspection of equipment for proper installation, damage, etc.
d. Data or Image analysis of the technology data for defect or deficient conditions.
e. Reports results in clear concise manner following all I-Care and/or client procedures for content.

7. Other Responsibility
a. Performs special projects as assigned. Work on call and/overtime as needed and required.
b. Ensures that work area and all I-Care and/or client supplied equipment is clean, secure, and well maintained.


1. Technical – accurate analysis and reporting of technology data, reports are accurate, neat, and assignments are
completed as scheduled.
2. All inquiries are courteously attended to. Good business relations exist with I-Care employees and clients. A
professional image is projected at all times.
3. Work is performed safely and employee actively participates in continuous improvement of the safety programs. Work
areas and equipment are kept neat, clean, and well organized.

EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION: High school graduate or equivalent, College Graduate preferred in technology or engineering field. ASNT-TC1A or ASNT-CP189 Professional Certification Level 2, or ISO
Category 3, or industry equivalent.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE: Mechanical CM Analyst: machinery fundamentals including: pumps, motors, gearboxes, blowers, compressors, switchgear, etc. Knowledge of mechanical fundamentals, such as fits
and tolerances. Detailed knowledge of data acquisition techniques utilizing Vibration Analyzers, Ultrasound. Working knowledge of other condition monitoring technologies. Electrical CM Analyst: knowledge of electrical fundamentals including: switchgear, fuses, disconnects, cable, torqueing of fasteners, transformers, etc. Knowledge of data acquisition techniques utilizing Infrared Cameras, Ultrasound, Motor Testing Equipment. Working knowledge of other condition monitoring technologies.

EXPERIENCE REQUIRED:3 or more years of direct related experience.
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Good communication skills, both oral and written.
Proficient computer skills, including but not limited to Windows, Word, and Excel.
Solid analytical and problem-solving abilities.
Able to work well independently.

Your application will be evaluated by the HR department of I-care USA itself. For any additional feedback regarding your application, we kindly refer you to the I-care USA HR department.


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