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Internship - Student - Quick App Initiative Program


In June of 2021, Huawei and several other organisations launched the OW2 Quick App Initiative (QAI) with the aim foster the nascent quick app ecosystem in Europe (and beyond).

Quick apps are an implementation of an emerging set of international standards concerning lightweight, no download applications for smart devices (phones, tablets, interactive house appliances, and so on). The set of standards, collectively called “MiniApp”, is being defined by a multi-party Working Group (WG) within the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Quick apps work in much the same way as traditional native applications. They offer the user a near native app experience and have access to many of a device’s functions (fluid graphics, push notifications, background caching, in-app payments, etc.). Uniquely, they do this without entailing a visible download process.

Rather than having to search an online marketplace and then download a selected application before use, quick apps can be launched near instantly via multiple channels; a QR code on a shop door, an SMS link from the hotel reception, hot-linked from within another app, etc. Furthermore, they do not need to be delivered/served from a traditional on-device application marketplace. In many ways, they share a certain similarity with web sites, but remain powerful standalone applications that do not rely on a web browser.

Quick apps have the potential to provide a game changing “in the moment”, low friction alternative to the traditional app acquisition and usage process so prevalent on today’s smart devices, however for this potential to be realised several elements must come together:

  • Businesses need to be aware of the dynamic, and understand the value potential;
  • Developers need to learn the technology, and have access to great tools, documentation and guides;
  • Devices need to support quick apps, and subjects such as security and privacy must be addressed.

In order to advance these elements, the OW2 Quick App Initiative will champion a multi-party and vendor neutral forum of open exchange and collaboration as a compliment to the W3C MiniApp WG.

In support of this initiative, Huawei EU-SID CBG is iteratively and progressively putting in place a transversal team centred on several key missions described below.

Mission description

1. Role summary:
  • Play a key role in the promotion of the Quick App Initiative (and by extension, quick app awareness) primarily in Europe.
  • Define and manage communication strategies and associated execution plans across countries, channels and formats (print, web, social networks …).
  • Provide appropriate market research, including surveys and sentiment tracking, and including data gathering for infographics.
  • Assist in the preparation of communication materials (slides, graphics, video …).
  • Manage the Quick App Initiative portal editorial content, SEO promotion, organisation, KPI and look & feel.
  • Propose and track awareness targets and MarCom budget.
2. Actions/Deliverables:
  • Manage and participate to the production of editorial copy (web content, outreach pitches, white papers, blog articles, press-releases, etc.).
  • Manage and participate to the production of graphic design (flyers, infographics, event booths …).
  • Manage editorial content from others. For example, animate a series of blog articles, video “clips”, or podcasts in coordination with the Technical Expert, advocates and the Quick App Initiative participants.
  • Manage the relation with 3rd party marketing/communication/design/event agencies.
  • Manage participation to events (including logistics and promotion), maintain an events calendar, track and report on impact.
  • Organise developer hackathons and meetups in coordination with the Technical Expert.
  • Define, capture and track KPIs appropriate for an open source developer community, including portal metrics and pipeline conversions.
  • Track online sentiment. Coordinate with influencers or social media channels as appropriate to campaign strategies and budget.
  • As possible, participate to forum interactions and/or act as a bridge to the Technical Expert and advocates.
  • Lead the production of outreach packs/pitches, and quick app value propositions.
3. Profile
  • Being in a Master’s degree in digital Marketing and Communication and/or industry experience for at least the next coming 12 months !
  • Copy editor experience, preferably in a technical domain.
  • Graphic design experience & design tool skills (Photoshop etc.).
  • Experience coordinating with design agencies.
  • Experience with web design, ergonomics and information structure.
  • Person must be absolutely fluent in written & spoken English (Chinese, French and Spanish skills are a plus).
  • Autonomous, pro-active, dynamic, instrumental, impactful and creative.
  • Capacity to work in a diverse multi-cultural team across timelines and borders.
  • Capacity to work remotely.
  • Interest in technology.

Your application will be evaluated by the HR department of Huawei R&D Sites in Belgium and the Netherlands itself. For any additional feedback regarding your application, we kindly refer you to the Huawei R&D Sites in Belgium and the Netherlands HR department.


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