Wat is het dat getalenteerde medewerkers zo aantrekt in het Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen (UZA)?
Misschien is het wel die eigen cultuur van wetenschappelijk onderzoek, innovatieve methoden en aandacht voor zorgkwaliteit.
Of zijn het de extra opleidingsmogelijkheden en de persoonlijke groeikansen, net als de toffe sfeer onder enthousiaste collega’s?

Wat het ook mag zijn, één ding staat vast: aan de aantrekkingskracht van het UZA valt niet te weerstaan.
Tijd om te ontdekken wat joù aantrekt in het UZA.

Doctoral scholarship


This PhD scholarship clinical research allows young researchers to prepare a PhD thesis in the field of COVID-19 vaccination. The initial focus is the protective immunity against COVID-19 upon vaccination in oncology patients.

The research will be directed to answer the central question whether patients with solid or hematological malignancies can develop protective immunity against COVID-19 upon vaccination and whether subgroups exist where the cancer treatment and/or the disease itself interferes with the effectivity or side effects of the vaccination.

Results of this research will be published in peer reviewed international journals.

You will be encouraged to attend doctoral training courses organized by the University Antwerp or other institutions to include relevant master course units.


  • You hold a Master degree recognized by the EU (or you will have obtained it by the time you start working) in one of the following disciplines: Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Biology, Biotechnology or Pharmaceutical Sciences or equal.
  • You can demonstrate excellent study results.
  • Your research qualities are in line with the University of Antwerp’s faculty and university research policies and guidelines
  • You act with attention to quality, integrity, creativity and cooperation.
  • You show strong interest in oncology and basic research; immunology, immunity and virology.
  • You are hands-on, reflecting a practical mindset.
  • You have general knowledge on (statistical) data
  • You are solution-oriented and a critical thinker.
  • You have excellent writing and communication skills; excellent command of academic English (written, oral and comprehension) is highly desirable.
  • You are able to work in a competitive research field and stick to deadlines
  • You can work independently and at the same time be part of a team.

What we offer

  • We offer a doctoral scholarship in a vibrant environment.
  • We offer a full PhD trajectory for 4 years with financial support from Kom Op Tegen Kanker the first year. Via grants for research projects, additional financial resources needs to be drawn by you under the guidance of your supervisor and the research team.
  • The planned start date is as soon as possible, aiming for April 2021.
  • Your monthly scholarship amount is calculated according to the scholarship amounts for doctoral scholarship holders on the pay scales for contract research staff (Dutch: Bijzonder Academisch Personeel, BAP).
  • You will do most of your work at the Antwerp University Hospital in Edegem, Belgium in a dynamic and stimulating working environment.


Want to apply?

  • You can apply for this vacancy up to and including April 25th 2021.
  • The selection committee will review all of the applications as soon as possible after the application deadline. As soon as a decision has been made, we will inform you about the next steps in the selection procedure.
  • If you have any questions about the job itself, please contact Prof. Dr. Marc Peeters (marc.peeters@uza.be).

Your application will be evaluated by the HR department of UZA itself. For any additional feedback regarding your application, we kindly refer you to the UZA HR department.


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