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Senior DSP Engineer

We are offering a long term SENIOR DSP ENGINEER position enabling you to join the creation of the next generation mobile phone chips.

The Senior DSP Engineer is responsible for the definition of the ultra-high speed datapath for next generation wideband wireless standards. This involves the uses and analysis of integer upsampling as well as fractional upsampling over a wide range of input and output bandwidths. It also involves the use of compensation and calibration techniques to digitally pre-distort the signals to achieve improved transmission characteristics.

During the implementation phase, the DSP engineer might be requested to consider alternative solutions that can be implemented at higher speeds and/or lower power.

During the chip bring up and characterization phase, the DSP engineer is involved in the creation of example drivers to properly configure the datapath as well as analyzing measurement results.

After the measurement campaign, the DSP engineer can be asked to modify the datapath and/or compensation blocks for the next generation chip or chip evolution.

The ideal candidate is both very analytical, pragmatic and critical. He/she should be able to focus on details, but at the same time not forget about the bigger picture. Compromises are a part of daily life, specs and targets evolve.

The candidate can expect critical reviews and lively discussions in a team that consist of seniors with very diverse professional backgrounds but with strong analytical powers. Results as a team count; ego should not get in the way.

Clear and concise communication on status and progress is a strong plus. The Senior DSP Engineer can present the issues he/she encountered, potential solutions and workarounds as well as decide on a way forward.

Required Education and Experience:

  • Master in Electronics (MSEE) with strong focus on Digital Signal Processing and acquainted with the specific issues involving Fixed point architectures
    • Finite word-length effects, quantization, rounding
    • FIR, IIR, half band filters, CIC, linear interpolator, Farrow filter
    • Noise floor, spurs, EVM
    • Proper use of Fourier transforms and windowing functions
    • Pipelined vs parallel
  • DSP modeling and analysis
    • Experience with (scientific) Python is a plus
    • Experience with (basic) C/C++ is a plus
    • Experience with fixed-point SystemC / Matlab is a plus
    • Experience with numerical modelling of analog blocks is a plus
    • Knowledgeable about OOP and good programming practices
  • Regression and status tracking
    • Experience with the proper use of compute clusters (LSF) is a plus
    • Comfortable working in a command line Linux environment
    • Automating reporting and simulation results filtering
    • Breadth-first vs depth-first parameter sweeps
  • Experience with digital and analog implementation flows for ASIC is a plus
  • Good presentation and reporting skills using MS Office
  • Fluent in English
  • Team-player
  • Result driven
  • Continuous strive for improvement in architectures and process
  • Willing to relocate to Leuven (Belgium) region

Location : Leuven (BE), 100 % on site

Your application will be evaluated by the HR department of Huawei R&D Sites in Belgium and the Netherlands itself. For any additional feedback regarding your application, we kindly refer you to the Huawei R&D Sites in Belgium and the Netherlands HR department.


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