The Artes-Group is a flagship organisation in the field of civil engineering, construction, hydraulic engineering and restoration.

The group consists of several contracting companies, each with their own specialisations and skills: Artes Depret, Artes Roegiers, Artes TWT and Artes Woudenberg. The synergies between these different subsidiaries make the Artes-Group an ideal partner for all your building projects. Not only does the wide geographical distribution of its offices mean that the Artes-Group is represented throughout the length and breadth of Belgium, but the exchange of knowledge, experience and personnel between the different companies creates a clear added value for all the stakeholders.

Furthermore Artes Group has also the knowledge in project development. In addition to Artes projects, Artes Group has since February 2013 a extra trump within this specialization: CAAAP. CAAAP will be extend as a subsidiary.
Last in the row is Artes Prefab. This player is responsible for the internal production of prefabricated concrete elements and steel reinforcement and makes with this the group’s diversity complete.

Candidature Spontanée

Tu es passionné par le secteur du bâtiment?

Tu aimerais travailler chez Artes mais tu ne vois pas d’annonce qui te correspond?

Envoie-nous tes coordonnées via le document de candidature et nous te tiendrons au courant des possibilités!


Les briques de notre construction

Travailler chez Artes c’est travailler dans une atmosphère familiale et dynamique

Communiquer en confiance

Continuer à grandir accompagné du meilleur parrain

Travailler sur des projets d’envergure

Avoir un équilibre entre le travail en équipe, le sport et la détente

Your application will be evaluated by the HR department of Artes Group itself. For any additional feedback regarding your application, we kindly refer you to the Artes Group HR department.


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