It all starts in 2009, with the opening of the first Noori Sushi Shop. A groundbreaking concept to show “the best way to eat sushi”, and a success since the beginning.

In 2013 “Praça Japonesa” is born, a more gourmet concept than Noori, developed to adapt to diferent spaces. With 8 stores, at the moment, spread by several cities of Portugal.

With a young and enterprising spirit, Diogo Sousa Coutinho (CEO), decided to expand the business area and applied for a public tender to win the concession of Mercado de Campo de Ourique. After winning the competition, the market opened doors in November 2013 with the major goal of promoting the most authentic experience of a market with everything that gourmet food has to offer. Counting with 16 new restoration spaces, it has quickly become an iconic place in the city of Lisbon.

In 2016 Cascais Kitchen is born, a project that comes together in partnership with Sonae Sierra. An odd, but winning concept that is born inside the Cascais Shopping mall.

The year 2018 is proving to be another year of great success for Grupoo, which is expected to start with two major projects: Casa do Presidente and Quinta da Pimenteira.

To date, the Grupoo SC counts to approximately 300 employees, all of whom work together to the success and grow of the different projects.

Empregado de Cafetaria (m/f) - Lisboa

Estamos atualmente em processo de recrutamento de Empregado de Cafetaria.


  • Atendimento ao público - serviço de balcão;
  • Tarefas de cafetaria;
  • Caixa;
  • Reposição de stocks;
  • Limpeza e Higiene no local de trabalho.


  • Habilitações: 12º ano – Preferencial (Mínimo 9º ano);
  • Experiência de atendimento e serviço de balcão em cafetaria;
  • Capacidade de empatia;
  • Capacidade de organização, dinamismo, proatividade e resistência ao stress.
  • Boa aparência;
  • Disponibilidade de horários (inclui fim-de-semana e turno até 01h).


  • Contrato de trabalho full time;
  • Duas folgas semanais;
  • Integração em equipa jovem e dinâmica;
  • Formação inicial e continua;
  • Possibilidade de progressão.


Envie já o seu currículo!

Your application will be evaluated by the HR department of SC Grupoo itself. For any additional feedback regarding your application, we kindly refer you to the SC Grupoo HR department.


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