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Frontend Engineer (JavaScript) - Coimbra

Here at KnowledgeWorks we like people that are pragmatic and have a “no drama” attitude! ;)

At the moment we are looking for someone knowledgeable at Frontend Engineer (JavaScript) that would like to work somewhere in Coimbra, Portugal.


What will your daily activities be?

- Deliver high quality, reusable and testable software components for highly scalable backend services using Java technology;

- Support the Product Owner with architectural insights and technical knowledge;

- Be part of the team planning and improvement using agile methodologies.


Skills and Experience: What you need to know?

Really, really must know:

- At least 5 years of experience using HTML, CSS and JavaScript;

- Knowledge of JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular, Ember) or willing to learn;


It’s a nice bonus:

- Passionate about clean and well-documented code;
- Deep awareness of browser quirks and compatibility issues;
- Experienced with SASS, PostCSS or similar CSS processors;
- Curious about SEO, semantic markup, and accessibility;
- Interested in Universal/Isomorphic JavaScript;
- Eagerness to learn and share knowledge;
- Awareness of agile methodologies.


Are you the one?

Uw sollicitatie zal behandeld worden door het HR departement van Wondercom zelf. Voor alle bijkomende informatie aangaande uw kandidatuur verwijzen we u dan ook vriendelijk door naar het HR departement van Wondercom.


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