Maintec werft technisch vakpersoneel voor banen in Nederland, België of andere Europese landen.

Met kantoren in Nederland, Duitsland, Polen en Tsjechië en met agenten in alle Europese landen is Maintec in staat om specialisten voor vrijwel iedere opdracht van haar zusterbedrijven uit de Humares Groep (Maintec, Impact, Nova Engineering) te vinden.

Maintec is actief in de volgende specialismen:

  • Automotive
  • Scheepsbouw
  • Machinebouw
  • Civiele techniek
  • Woningbouw/Utiliteit
  • Engineering
  • Industrie


The company is active in the machining of all kinds of steel and plastics.
Since it was founded in 1965, the company has focused on two core machining activities: producing complex parts on lathes and on milling of turning machines, parts both for small- and large-scale serial production (5 – 10,000,000 pieces). For more information please visit the website.

Several years of CNC lathe work on Mazak machine (+5)
Experience using Mazatrol : Mazatrol T Plus, Mazatrol 640 T ; Mazatrol T32-6 ; Matrix; Mazak Nexus 250 MSY, 350 MY, 450M,

Experience in using Barfeeders and robots
Experience using Mazak machines : QT. Multiplex, Nexus, Integrex

Able to use all measuring tools , sliding calipher, micrometers, gages, 3-d measuringtable

Experienced with modern tooling : Walther, Seco, Sandvik, Iscar ….
Level of precision up to +/- 0.005
Materials used, Plastics, Steels. Stainless steel Alloys
1.4301; 1.4305; 1.4362;
CK 15. 35. 45
Alloy 625; 825 ..

Working methodology :

one operator runs two automatic machine (barfeeder or robot feeding) and a machine for small series production.




CNC programmer on the turning machines type MAZAK

You will work on the machines:
Mazak Nexus 250 MSY, 350 MY, 450M,

• To set up correctly/programming CNC turning machine
• The employee should be able to program CNC machine in English.
• Operating van de machines
• Therefore the experience with the above mentioned machines is required.
• High degree of accuracy needed, as the produced parts are very small.
• Ability to work totally independent, form receiving the drawing, analysing the drawing, independently setting up the machine, programming and quality control
• Producing of single elements but also serial elements

Specific competences:
-ability to read the technical drawing
-ability to foresee how many pieces can be produced in a specific period of time
-ability to cooperate with people
-being accurate at work
-deliver high degree of quality of work
-high motivation




Language knowledge: English language - minimum GOOD !

Others: Personality

- responsible and consequent
- flexible
- social person
- ability to cooperate with people
- proper appearance

Necessary experience

-long experience as CNC operator/ programmer on the turning machines type MAZAK
Mazak Nexus 250 MSY, 350 MY, 450M,

• Experience between 5 a 10 years as a CNC operator/ programmer turning machines
• Experience on the following interfaces is essential:
• Mazatrol: Mazatrol T Plus, Mazatrol 640 T, Mazatrol T32-6, Matrix
• Experience in using Barfeeders and robots
• Experience in using of Mazak Machines:QT Multiples, Nexus, Integrex
• Experience with operating and programming of one or more machines such as:
• -Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 250 M, MY, MSY
• -Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 350 M, MY
• -Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 450 M

-very good English is also necessary



Salary Conditions:

CNC operator/ programmer on the turning machines type MAZAK

Gross salary…15 euro… to 17.Euro…./hour:

Depends of the experience.

Please apply if you have met all expectations


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