Expert of energy technologies and IT services, VINCI Energies (63,000 employees, €9.25 billion of turnover) designs, implement and maintain solutions to the industry, services sector and local communities.

VINCI Facilities is a VINCI Energies Brand and a leading provider of facility management and multi-technical maintenance.

We combine the expertise of technical installations in buildings with energy management. We build on our experience with public private partnerships to manage long term operations.

Our knowledge about the life cycle of buildings combined with our experience gives us the expertise to meet a wide variety of customer requirements.

Our customised facilities management solutions combine technical maintenance and end user services while controlling energy consumption.

Our mission: Taking Care
- Taking Care of buildings, thanks to our technical expertise
- Taking care of end users, with a focus on service approach
- Taking Care of the environment, through a comprehensive energy efficiency approach.

Our locations: Brussels, Gosselies, Hasselt, Waremme, Waregem and Zwijndrecht

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