Poco Loco produces tortilla chips and wraps, taco shells, sauces, dips, and dinner kits. This range puts the company amongst the market leaders in private label Tex-Mex products, with clients in over 70 countries worldwide. No less than 96% of the products are destined for export abroad.

Poco Loco was formed in Roeselare (Belgium) in 1994 and now has two production sites and a high-bay warehouse in Belgium and a third production site in Milton Keynes (United Kingdom). With over 630 employees in Roeselare and 100 in the United Kingdom, Poco Loco achieves an annual turnover of more than 270 million euros. Those figures are growing year by year.

Since 2010 Poco Loco is part of the Finnish Paulig Group. This family group embraces several food companies which together account for 2,000 employees and a total annual turnover of 900 million euros.

Poco Loco

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