VINCI Energies Belgium is active for almost 50 years and currently employs some 1,700 people.

With a turnover of about 250 million €, VINCI Energies Belgium is one of the leaders in the sector of technological services to private and public companies and is number two in the field of instrumentation and control in the petrochemical sector, which is Cegelec's historical field of expertise in Belgium.

Thanks to its expertise, the Group has participated in multiple emblematic projects and realisations in Belgium and abroad, amongst which the transformation unit of soja oil into biodiesel at the Port of Ghent; electrical installations, sanitary facilities, data and HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) installations for the GSK Biologicals offices in Wavre; the control system of the luggage sorting system of the Brussels Airport International; the HVAC installations of the Brussels South airport in Charleroi; the complete renovation of the electrical and HVAC systems of the Finance Tower in Brussels; the boatlift in Strépy-Thieu.

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