Stad Turnhout

Turnhout, the town of the playing card, lies in the north east of Antwerp province and has by now 40,000 inhabitants. Both legally and administratively, Turnhout is capital of the Kempen area and of the local district. Turnhout is some 42 km from the centre of Antwerp, 30 km from Breda and Tilburg, 40 km from Eindhoven and is the ideal base for day trips to Bobbejaanland, the Kabouterberg in Kasterlee, the Zilvermeer Provincial grounds, the Lilse Bergen, Corsendonk Priory and the abbeys at Postel, Tongerlo, Averbode, and (West)Malle.

Turnhout can easily be reached by road, the E34 motorway is nearby. De Lijn (bus operator) and NMBS (Belgian Railways) offer good connections to Turnhout. The Dessel – Schoten canal, with its attractive marina at the Nieuwe Kaai make a (coffee) stop worthwhile.

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