Apogado is an independent information technology company focusing on sustainable, future-proof integration:

  • We provide consulting on sustainable architecture and enterprise architecture. We aim to make enterprises and governments more efficient and help them adopting to new business or social needs by advising them on aspects such as integration, eGovernment, security and privacy.
  • We have our own eGovConnector product and framework, offering organisations, governments and companies to seamlessly integrate with other governments (authentic sources).

Roughly, our customers are governments and large or mid-size corporations. We also work for some federations. 

Why would you want to work for Apogado?

  • We only focus on our niche: making organisations more efficient and ready to meet new business challenges by means of sustainable architectures.
  • We have a long experience track in various businesses: from local to European governments, from manufacturing to information processing, from centralised to highly distributed.
  • We are not a company of consultants, but a team
  • We are vendor-neutral
  • We only have - and only accept - happy customers!

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