Ads & Data is built on solid foundations: the advertising management agencies of Mediahuis, Telenet/SBS, Pebble Media and Proximus Skynet. Together we form a team of almost 200 experienced people. Together we link an impressive brand portfolio with intelligent data use. Ads & Data is well equipped to become a major game changer in the Belgian advertising world.

Ads & Data stands for the combination of reach and precision. The reach of major local and international media brands, the precision of smart, high-quality data. Thanks to our high-quality data, our clients can make their advertising far more targeted. We are not a “media cannon”. We are an army of sharp shooters. We shoot straight without using excess ammunition.

Our base line expresses our brand promise. “We un-waste” means: we prevent media wastage. We aim for more useful and fewer pointless contacts with the consumer. Because: the more targeted the data, the more efficient the ads. In this respect, Ads & Data are at least as complementary as Lennon & McCartney.


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