The Fondation Autisme Luxembourg (FAL) was established on June 18, 1996 at the initiative of a group of concerned parents who had gathered together to address the lack of structures and services for people with autism in Luxembourg. These parents wished to provide care for their children that would be appropriate to their disability and would foster their autonomy in a quality environment that matched their needs. The main aim of the Foundation was thus defined as promoting and defending the rights of persons with autism in Luxembourg, irrespective of the level of their disability.

Through a Grand-ducal decree, the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg was recognised to be of public utility on October 6, 1996 and intervenes on the whole Luxembourg territory.

The activities of the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg have greatly increased since its creation and the Foundation has been constantly expanding. Today it has a staff of around 180 people, spread over three sites in Munshausen, Rambrouch and Capellen.

The Fondation Autisme Luxembourg is a member of Autism-Europe, an umbrella organisation for over 80 associations of parents and persons with autism in 30 European countries.


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