Destiny is a pure B2B telecom provider

When Samuel De Wever founded his first company in 2001, together with his brother Daan, he was only 16 years old.

In 2008 the brothers founded Destiny believing that telecom for B2B in Belgium was not as it should be. Since then, Destiny has been growing very fast and the company is now being considered as the main challenger for Proximus.

We’re doing great. We invested in experienced people. We’ve got our own Destiny network, one of the most reliable networks in Europe. We’ve got the infrastructure, the know-how and the ambition to ensure continuous growth. Operating from Belgium, we do business in 8 countries. And the coming years we’ll be opening offices in The Netherlands, France and Germany. How’s that for ambition? And all this time we stayed true to our initial approach.

What do we believe in? Rightsizing.

Looking at the market in 2008 we saw that it wasn’t really customer-oriented to say the least. And actually most of our competitors are still offering standard packages packed with stuff companies will never use. Yet, they have to pay for this.

We believe in a different approach. We will make an appointment with our customer to see how he works and how we can improve how he works by using telecom technology.

For Destiny listening to customers is essential. It’s the only way to make you an offer, tailored to you needs. That’s what we call “rightsizing”.

Spectacular? We don’t think so, but customers appreciate a partner with good thinking. For us it’s just telecom… as it should be.


Facts and figures

  • 55 people
  • 1500 customers (small and big, amongst whom companies like, Katoen Natie, McDonalds, Standaard Boekhandel, Interparking, Ecover…)
  • 5 million euro turnover
  • Fastest growing telecom company in the Deloitte Fast50 in 2013, 2014 & 2015
  • Beloftevolle Onderneming van het Jaar 2015
  • Young Managers van het Jaar 2015

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